Homeschooling During COVID-19 | The Importance of Digital Record Keeping

Whether you are homeschooling during COVID-19 or you have decided to permanently opt for this mode of education, planning and organization is the key to success. Let's talk about how Homeschool Panda's Portfolio feature can help you in this journey.

Homeschooling During COVID-19 | The Importance of Digital Record Keeping

As US schools reopen, parents find themselves in a dilemma: Is it safe to send my child to school during COVID-19 pandemic, or should I pursue at-home learning, e-learning, or homeschooling? Some parents want to homeschool their kids temporarily but don’t know how to keep a homeschool record until they send their kids back to school. Here we will try to answer all these queries and provide useful information on how HSP Homeschool planner’s Portfolio feature can help you in this aspect.

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Amid this uncertainty and chaos, the authorities have decided to reopen the schools. Parents, however, are not ready to send their kids back to school yet. Many Americans are already thinking of the alternatives. According to a recent USA TODAY poll, 6 out of 10 parents are thinking of pursuing homeschooling, at-home learning, and/or e-learning and almost 30% are rather serious about it.

There is also a group of parents that wants to homeschool during COVID-19 but doesn’t want to shift completely to this idea. One of the many challenges of homeschooling is keeping track of the child’s progress. For the short-term homeschoolers, it becomes more important, as they must provide proof of the child’s progress when going back to school.

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This is where digital record-keeping becomes relevant and essential. One such tool that can help the temporary homeschoolers, as well as permanent ones, is the Homeschool Panda planner. It’s an all-in-one online homeschooling solution. Today, we will talk about its Portfolio feature and how it can help keep track of the child's performance...

What is HSP’s Portfolio feature & Why is it Important?

One of the major benefits of digital record-keeping is that it allows you to access data anywhere and anytime. As a homeschooler, a digital record of the student plays a vital role in the annual evaluations alongside many other benefits of digital record-keeping.

For the short-term homeschoolers, the Portfolio feature becomes more relevant… How? Well, once you decide to send your kid back to school after a particular homeschooling period, you might be asked to provide a record of the child’s performance. They probably won’t take just your word for it. The school will decide to admit or promote the student based on the record.

How does Homeschool Panda’s Portfolio feature work?

The feature allows you to create and store detailed reports about the homeschoolers' grades, attendance, and transcripts. This information helps you understand the child’s preferences, aptitude, and progress.

Since it is an e-solution, another useful aspect is accessibility. The reports can be accessed through any mobile device or PC if you have access to the internet. You can also apply filters & view, download, and print portfolios for a specific performance indicator. In a nutshell, this homeschool planner lets you track the overall growth of your homeschooler.

However, the best part of HSP’s Portfolio feature is that you can create a digital record of your child’s precious moments. As a homeschooling parent, you can generate a unique portfolio report that has pictures of the child’s best moments from the homeschooling year and the images of learning materials as well. It will keep your portfolio & records stored safely for you for years to come.

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If you have never kept records, now is a good time to begin. Some find homeschool record-keeping intimidating, for them our advice would be to start slow and take baby steps. Try recording something as simple as the students’ attendance and then gradually move onto profiling him/her. But make sure to stay consistent, homeschool record-keeping will only benefit you.

Happy homeschooling!