Let's Get Writing! {Fall Writing Prompts Grades 4-8}

Add something fun & easy to your school days with these fall writing prompts.

Let's Get Writing! {Fall Writing Prompts Grades 4-8}

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and that cozy feeling is setting in.  It's also that time of year when I want something NEW in our homeschool.  The newness of the school year has passed & I need something new to look forward to.  And these writing prompts will do just that without adding a lot to your school day.  

Depending on the ages of your students, I like to set the timer for 5-15 minutes for writing prompts.  The goal isn't perfection, it's the skill of being able to quickly get your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper.  Some families like to have their students edit every piece of writing, but if that's tough for your student, maybe choose just one prompt a week to edit.  This lifts the pressure of writingly "correctly" and helps the creativity to flow. 

And to help you out, we have created a lesson plan with the prompts.  Right-click on this link & copy the link address  Then log into your HSP account, go to the Marketplace inside the Lesson Planner, and paste it into the search bar.  You can also search for Fall Writing Prompts (Grades 4-8)

Fall Writing Prompts for 4th-8th Graders

1.  Tell me five reasons why fall is better than any other season. 

2. Now, tell me five reasons that fall is the worst season.  

3. What is one of your favorite memories from last fall?  Who was with you? What happened? 

4. What is your favorite thing to eat during fall? Describe how it looks, tastes and smells like.

5. Halloween is coming up!  Who will you dress up as this year? And why? Describe your planned costume.

6. Write a poem about autumn leaves falling.

7. Which colors and scents remind you of fall season? And why?

8. I was walking through the forest when...

9. Go outside & grab a fallen leaf.  Describe it.  (Size, feel, colors, etc...)

10. Which fall holiday is your favorite? Why? How do you normally spend it? And with whom?