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-  Secure Ad-Free Social Media Tool
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-  Create/join groups and events with local or global homeschoolers
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There are so many things I love about Homeschool Panda! First, I love that I have our plans saved, documented (often with a picture), dated and ready to look at any time I need to see what we have done or will be doing in the near future. Second, I love the “My Books” section. Scanning and rating the books after we read them has led to some great discussions. Third, the kid’s app is great. It’s been good for my kids to see what they have on their list for the day and to take some ownership of how to get it all done. The fourth and final thing I will write about is probably the feature that I use the most, the ability to shift things around so easily. Life happens. Things get done early when we get real excited about a topic or pushed back when someone is sick or you get a puppy. It’s so easy to move things around on the calendar. No guilt, no messy scribbles…just a click and it’s as if I had planned for it all along. Thanks Homeschool Panda for creating this planner! "


Develop a daily Lesson Plan for your kids

-  Automated Homeschooling Lesson Planner
-  Create, customize, and organize lesson plans
-  Generate and schedule multiple lessons on the go
-  Import lesson plans shared by others within the homeschool community

Flexible Planner that accomodates to your everyday life

-  Customize and organize your daily tasks
-  Drag and Drop feature allows you to shift your entire lesson plan
-  Mark Days Off to shift the entire day's plans
-  Overdue assignments section notifies you to easily reschedule and mark       assignments completed

Finally, a planning system I can stick with!  I have used a variety of systems over ten years of schooling.  HSP doesn't overcomplicate itself the way some online planners do.  The planning process is intuitive and quick.  As a military family, our schedule often changes at the last moment.  The ease of rescheduling assignments gives us the flexibility our homeschool needs.  Thank you, Homeschool Panda!  

Compile a unique digital library using My Books 

-  Scan, search and add books to your library
-  Change book cover image from your library
-  Categorize and sort books by genre and student 
-  Generate a book log for each book read
-  Review and rate books

Create a Student Login on Homeschool Panda Kids with specialised access for your child

-  HSP Kids gives your children the proper tools, so they complete tasks in given deadlines
-  Homeschoolers can navigate assignments in a profound and efficient manner
-  Keep track of their performance through notifications
-  Record academic achievements without any hassle

Homeschool Panda has helped change the way I plan our school year. Everything is now in one place: my budget , my attendance record, my book list and most importantly my lesson plans. I am able to easily click and create recurring subjects and add unique lessons that are useful all year long. If I need to change my plans I’m able to move the lessons to the next day or delete them with ease. What a time saver!!! My kiddos love chatting with their friends in this safe chat area!

Thank you Homeschool Panda for that awesome feature!!

5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Make a List of Tasks that need to be completed in order of priority

-  Task List allows you to prioritize and complete your chores
-  Add categories to organize your day and create tasks under each category
-  Have the option to edit, delete and mark tasks as complete

Add in your Budget and Expenses to better keep track of your finances.

-  Manage daily finances using the budget and expenses tool
-  Plan your budget by dividing it into custom categories
-  Add expenses for individual students
-  View recent transactions and your remaining budget
-  View a graphical representation of your budget and expenses on the dashboard

I am so excited that you have added the ability to track hours. I am going to switch over to Homeschool Panda! I have been using Homeschool Planet (because I needed to track hours), and it is so visually distracting and not easy to use. Homeschool Panda is beautiful and so much easier to navigate. I am also very much looking forward to the student portal and healthy eating tracker. My husband is currently in Chiropractic school, so finances are tight for the next few years. Thank you SO much for making such a fantastic program and allowing us to use it without charge! Loving everything!

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