Frequently Asked Questions



Want to know how to homeschool? or how to use the homeschool planner? Visit HSP's FAQ section and get detailed answers to all of your queries.


Panda Post

What does the Dashboard do?
When you log in, you land on the dashboard. The dashboard displays an overview of your data on one page. It shows the following:
1. The agenda for the date selected and allows you to create one for any date.
2. A graphical visualization of your budgets and expenses and gives you the option to plan a budget.
3. Your recent messages from the Panda Messenger and clicking on ‘connect’ redirects you to the messenger.
4. Your task list, classified into categories and organized for you. It also allows you to create more categories and add unlimited tasks.
What is Panda Post?
Panda Post is a social networking tool for homeschoolers across the globe. You can do the following using HSP's social media feature. 
1. Create a virtual profile with your photo and bio.
2. Upload photos, write captions and use hashtags.
3. Like, comment and share other’s statuses.
4. Share posts on other social media networks.
5. Follow other homeschoolers to join them on their homeschooling journey.
6. Gain followers by posting valuable content for the community.
7. View trending posts.
8. See who is online and communicate with them using the Panda messenger.
9. View profile suggestions and follow them.
10. Take pictures and share them as 24- hour story highlights.
11. Create and join public and private groups. 
12. View the Panda’s blog posts on how to have a successful homeschool life.

Panda Messenger


What is Panda Messenger?
The Panda Messenger is a networking module which allows you to connect with like-minded people and communicate with them visually or through text.
1. Send messages.
2. Send images, videos, and emoticons.
3. Add members to group chats.
4. Share insights and opinions.
5. Report/block a user.
6. Search for chats using keywords and usernames.
What does the Calendar do?
The calendar helps you personalize according to your schedule. It allows you to create recurring events and reschedule assignments and lesson plans. Moreover, you can color code each entry for simplification and add notes, pictures, videos, and documents.
1. View the weekly, monthly or yearly calendar.
2. View a specific student’s calendar or all the students’ calendar on one page.
3. Assign colors to students to view their activities, lessons, and assignments on the calendar, differentiated by color codes.
4. View the days off, the events planned, and the lessons created on the calendar.
5. View the books assigned on the calendar module.
6. Create events and assignments by a single tap or click on the desired date.
7. View overdue assignments and reschedule according to your day.
8. Search the calendar by student or lesson name.
9. Manage events by adding attendees, uploading attachments and adding reminders through the calendar.
10. Choose the type of event to be added on the calendar: event, appointment, enrichment class, extra-curricular, field trip or volunteer.

My Books

What is My Books?
This module allows you to add books from our database and assign them to your children. You and your children can read and review them. You also have the option to add books manually. Online, your digital book log is present and for offline purposes, your book log can be printed.

Lesson Planner

What does the Lesson Planner do?
Panda helps automate the process of lesson planning, hence eliminating the everyday hustle and saving you time. The lesson planner allows you to:
1. Create lessons for each course and chapter.
2.Assign the lessons to multiple, specific or all students.
3. Customize the assignments, tests, lessons, and activities by adding notes, uploading files and giving instructions.
4. Plan the lessons by setting start and end dates and start and end times.
5. Set credits and grades against each activity created.
6. View the student’s availability and choose the days for different lessons.
7. Import lessons uploaded by other homeschoolers.
8. Reschedule a specific lesson or all lessons according to your routine.
9. Automatically shift assignments to different days.
10. View overdue assignments and change their status.
11. Set days off.
How can I share my Lesson Plan with other homeschoolers?
To have your lesson plan appear under the Import Lesson tab for other HSP users, make sure that the toggle button, ‘Enable Lesson Plan Sharing’ under your lesson plan is switched on.

Student Information

What is the Student Information module?

The Student Information module allows you to add students, create their accounts on HSP Kids,, and fill in their personal information. The module also allows you to add lesson plans against each student and edit and unassign previously assigned lessons. You can view ‘Lesson Information’, ‘Books’, and ‘Academic Information’ against all students. You can also unassign books added to the child’s library.

Budget and Expenses

What is the Budget and Expenses module?
Homeschool Panda allows you to add in your budget and expenses to better keep track of your finances. Bid farewell to the anxiety of overspending, the nuisance of unmanaged finances and let panda acclimate the budget according to your requirements. Maintain electronic receipts and view graphical summaries through HSP.
1. Manage your daily finances using the budget and expenses tool.
2. Plan the budget by dividing it into customizable categories.
3. Add expenses for different categories against different students.
4. Allocate notes and attachments with transactions.
5. View recent transactions.
6. View the remaining budget at all times.
7. Get a graphical representation of your budget and expenses with different color codes.

Homeschool Panda Kids

What is HSP Kids?
Homeschool Panda Kids is a secure and monitored platform which allows your child to do the following:
1. View, add, and edit assigned tasks, lessons, and books.
2. View overdue assignments and mark them as complete, in progress or on hold.
3. Manually add books, add them from the database, rate and review them.
4. Send videos, photos, documents, and expressive emoticons through the messenger.
5. Connect and communicate with parents through the messenger.


What does the Reports module do?
The Reports module allows you to keep records and generate portfolios to keep track of your homeschool objectives and goals. It also helps you assess the child’s progress. With HSP’s record keeping and portfolio tool, you can:
1. Attach photos with lesson plans and events to visually see your growth.
2. Generate electronic reports to track progress, manage grades, view productivity and access accomplishments.
3. View and print book logs.
4. View, download and print weekly, monthly and yearly portfolios for multiple students.
5. Measure the child’s aptitude and learning in the given time frame which is generated electronically under different lessons, assignments, events, and activities.
6. Generate weekly, monthly and yearly attendance and grade reports.

Nearby Homeschoolers

Community Forum

How do I use the nearby-homeschoolers function?

Available only on HSP’s mobile app, this feature allows you to search for nearby homeschoolers. You can widen the search by increasing the radius. When the names of the homeschoolers around you appear, you have the option to connect with them by sending them a friend request. 

What is the community forum?

The community forum is a public place for all homescholers to ask questions, give answers and share insights. It also gives you a step-by-step guide on how to use the Homeschool Panda application.