Panda's Features


Everything you need to homeschool in one place

Homeschool Panda's all-in-one tool suite provides functionality & support to simplify your homeschool experience.
  • A flexible planner that adapts to the unique schedule of homeschooling families
  • Maintain records and data digitally to reduce clutter
  • Easily accessible via mobile apps, web browsers or printed schedules

Easily create a lesson plan in a few simple clicks

  • Create lessons for each course and chapter with automated days and weeks.
  • Customize assignments, tests, lessons, and activities by adding notes, uploading files and resources, along with adding instructions. 
  • Import lessons uploaded by other homeschoolers.
  • A lesson plan can be assigned to different students throughout the years

A homeschooling calendar created just for you

  • Drag & drop assignments to shift a single assignment or the entire series
  • View a specific or multiple students' schedule sorted by color-coding or layout preference (Bird's eye view, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Create impromptu assignments in just a few clicks.
  • Add pictures to assignments to generate portfolio of work
  • Filter out calendar based on "complete/incomplete", student name, lesson name etc

Track and report the growth of your homeschooler

  • Create comprehensive reports that help you manage grades, attendance, transpcripts, and more.
  • View, download, and print yearly portfolios for multiple students.
  • Track your child's productivity and accomplishments through different filters.
  • Measure your child's aptitude and learning through customized reports generated electronically.

Build your own digital library with My Books

  • Search the HSP database created by thousands of homeschoolers for books to read and learn from.
  • Manually add your own books by uploading a cover image and information.
  • Assign books to multiple students and add books to lessons you have created.
  • Mark the book you just completed as read and rate and review each book.
  • View the details of each book and update the description as per your desire.

A safe and secure student portal that is easy to use

  • HSP Kids allows your child to login, view their daily schedule, and assigned tasks.
  • Your child has the ability to mark assignments complete, in progress, or on hold.
  • Easily view overdue assignments and when they are rescheduled.
  • Kids can manually add books or from the HSP database and rate and review them once they've been read.
  • Get notified when your child marks lessons, assignments, activities, and tests complete.

Stay on top of your Budget & Expenses

  • Plan multiple budgets by dividing it into customizable categories per student.
  • Add expenses for different categories that you have created within your budget.
  • Make notes and add attachments with each transaction you make throughout your budget year.
  • View your overall and remaining budget and transactions in a graph form.

Share your story in one place dedicated to homeschoolers

  • Create your own unique profile with your photo, interests and bio on Panda Post.
  • Share your thoughts, upload photos, write captions, use hashtags, and create groups; all on one platform. 
  • Follow other homeschoolers and comment, like, and share their statuses.
  • See who is online and chat using Panda messenger.
  • Interact with like-minded individuals near and far on Panda Post’s groups.