10 Common Traits in Successful Homeschooling Families

How many of these traits does your family have?

10 Common Traits in Successful Homeschooling Families

Each child is born with a unique set of talents and every homeschooling experience is unique. Howsoever, there are some overlapping traits which are found in happy and successful homeschooling families:  

1. They say no to comparison  

Each child responds in different manners to various teaching methodologies. Each household’s lifestyle is different and their priorities are different as well. Homeschooling families who know that the child will learn and grow at their own pace and that might not be according to how most children around them are growing and they believe that it is perfectly alright succeed. They know that homeschooling is not a race, rather a journey. They know that comparison is a big no because it causes self-esteem issues and demotivates both children and families. They capitalize on their own strengths and their child’s talents. 

2. They never stop learning 

Homeschooling parents know that as a parent, as a friend, and as a teacher, their responsibility is to never stop learning. They know that they might not always have the answers and that is alright, as long as they learn alongside. Some homeschooling parents continue their education to better understand their children whilst others take up engaging courses with their children to bond over education. They also know that their children might have different ways of learning and they do not force traditional methods down the child’s throat. They enjoy creativity and this, as a result, creates self-motivated children.  

3. They know that homeschooling is a two-way street 

Successful homeschooling families know that everyone plays a part in the homeschool experience. Parents learn from what makes their children tick. Each person is the other person’s student. Students pick up from their environment and surroundings, parents practice what they preach and pay heed to their children’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and past time activities. Each person is equally involved in the other’s life.  

4. They know where the magic lies 

Homeschooling parents know that the magic lies in their children and in their efforts. They know that there are days when homeschooling becomes overwhelming, but they keep the spirits high, make the children believe that with the right amount of confidence, they can achieve anything and everything. 

5. They admit when they need help 

Successful homeschooling parents admit when they need help and ask for it. If they need to slow down, they do that. If they require a break, they take a break. If something is not working, be it a certain routine or a specific curriculum, they look for alternatives. They teach their children to do the same; humans are humans, in the end, it’s better to have a helping hand than to be drained for consecutive unproductive days.  

6. They take homeschooling one day at a time 

Homeschooling is not a destination and rushing it won’t get you anywhere. Successful homeschooling families take homeschooling one day at a time. They make the most out of the present, don’t fret over the past, and are hopeful for the future.  

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7. They know that every child is different  

They know that children, even under the same roof, with the same upbringing, can have different personalities and each personality should be catered accordingly. They know that each child’s needs are different, the level of understanding, the ability to decipher and perform is different, and so children require individual and customized attention.  

8. They are consistent  

They know that homeschooling can have rainy days and there are days when one requires rest, days when one feels gloomy and doesn’t want to do anything. Successful homeschool parents make their schedules flexible. They set goals and are consistent to reach them, but they do not drain themselves or the children. If the children do not want to read theory, they can act the history lesson out or take a trip to the museum, they can even study audiobooks and see a video documentary of their lesson. There are so many options once you’re consistent and set on learning!  

9. They plan ahead  

Successful homeschool families plan ahead. They get planners (such as Homeschool Panda) to set their routines, create lesson plans, and know what their end-goal is. They break down long term goals into short objectives and they always have alternatives for rainy days.  

10. They make homeschooling fun  

Lessons get turned into interactive games, building materials, play dates, group study, a trip to the botanical gardens, educational films, and assignments that end up in rewards. Successful homeschooling parents know how to make the children respond and how to spark their creativity. They make homeschooling a lifestyle and never treat it as a chore!