3 Ways to Get Your Homeschool Restarted After a Break

3 Ways to Get Your Homeschool Restarted After a Break

A new year, a new beginning.

Are you a resolution-maker?

I'm not. But I look forward to January. I look forward to a fresh start, the hope of a new year.  Those hopes and intentions only go so far, though, after a relaxing winter break.  Now comes the hard part...getting restarted! 

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Evaluate this semester

Grab a sheet of paper and list three things that went well…and 3 things that didn’t. (You don’t have to confine these to your homeschool “day”, think about meals, your morning routines, etc…, too.)

Now, look at the things that went well. What can you learn from them? What did you do that resulted in them going well? If they include a resource or curriculum, what about them appealed to you and how can you apply those characteristics when you choose future curriculum?

You’ll likely never have a homeschool year where it all goes perfectly! So what hasn't gone well this semester? What changes can you make so your next semester is better?

Add something new!

Having something new to look forward to can make a restart more exciting.

  • A podcast to enjoy together
  • New seasonal books 
  • Poetry tea time (link to Syeda’s post)
  • A schedule change (change the order of classes, start with something different, try out a 4-day schedule, etc...)
  • A virtual class on Outschool

Start slowly

After a break, we often transition back to school by starting with just 1-2 subjects a day or half-days. The slow start makes it easier for all of us to find our motivation & get back into the rhythm.