Efficient and Effective Homeschooling

Millions of families homeschool their children every year, but many feel they maybe not be homeschooling in an efficient and effective manner.

Efficient and Effective Homeschooling

Millions of families homeschool their children every year (a number growing at 8% per annum), but many feel they may not be homeschooling in an efficient and effective manner. Homeschooling is a tremendously rewarding journey that is unique for every family and offers great advantages in the present time. With one’s time, effort, and cost involved, it is only fair to exercise the homeschooling potential to the fullest.

Effective and efficient homeschooling can be achieved in five easy steps:

1) Know why you started homeschooling in the first place

Create a list of reasons because of which you started homeschooling, a sheet with your favorite aspects of homeschooling and a list of short-term and long-term goals. These lists will keep you focused, determined and will motivate you. At the end of a week, a month, six months or even a year, use the Homeschool Panda application to generate a portfolio. The Panda enables all its users to keep records and download portfolios. The printable portfolios will include images attached with each assignment and event on the calendar. The portfolio will help you assess your child’s achievements, track progress and be proud of yourself and your homeschooling family seeing how far you’ve come!

2) Take responsibility and find solutions

Take initiative in your homeschooling process. Know that every problem has a solution. Know how your family functions and structure your learning process accordingly. The first step is to accept that homeschooling can become overwhelming and you can minimize it through Homeschool Panda — planning and collaboration solution which allows homeschooling families to maintain their daily life happenings whilst planning lessons for their child. Homeschool Panda has a digital to-do list with categories, a budget planner to help manage your finances, a calendar for you to color code and assign, mark and complete tasks for each student. Most importantly, Homeschool Panda acts as a social media tool for you to track, connect, interact with other homeschoolers across the globe and follow their homeschooling journey. Identifying problems and finding solutions has never been easier.

3) Prioritize

There are two things to keep in mind whilst planning; prioritizing tasks and knowing that it is always quality over quantity. The Panda displays the user’s daily agenda, tasks, chores, and budget on his/her dashboard. It allows the user to structure and plan based on his/her daily routine, rather than making the user go through the hassle of organizing, writing and managing different chores by him/herself. With the Panda, your entire day is automatically assembled in one place for you to focus on accomplishing the task rather than stressing about it.

4) Understand your child and your child will understand you

No doubt homeschooling allows you to develop a strong bond with your children. But there are also days when an average homeschooling family gets frustrated with trying to decipher each other. The key is to communicate and understand your child. The moment you know what your child responds to best and the fact that what works for others might not work for your child, you’ve made your homeschooling journey much simpler! Homeschool Panda allows you to create multiple accounts for your children for them to play a bigger and more valuable role in the homeschooling experience. In the present era of technological advancements and fast-paced learning, HSP Kids allows parents to monitor their children’s progress, track their lessons, assignments, and tests and enables children to organize and implement their everyday education in an efficient manner. By using HSP Kids, the children learn the importance of punctuality by finishing assigned tasks in the given deadlines, they acquire self-management skills and become responsible by creating lessons, managing events, adding, reading and rating books and most importantly, they start to evaluate themselves as individuals and get self-disciplined. With the help of the panda, children independently thrive towards accomplishing goals, and the overall homeschooling experience becomes much more fun!

5) Never stop learning

Homeschooling is a lifestyle and it is a process of lifelong learning. The entire homeschooling experience becomes more effective when the homeschooling family realizes that in this era, there are many tools out there to assist and help with the homeschool voyage. The best tool for beginners and a recommended application by homeschoolers for homeschooling families across the globe, the FREE Homeschool Panda app and website helps its 15,000 users across 70+ countries get the best out of homeschool life. The panda grows and learns with you!