Homeschooling for Single Parents 

Are you a single homeschool mom or a single parent, struggling to balance homeschooling and other aspects of life? Find out how you can make this journey easy and stress-free.

Homeschooling for Single Parents 

What is single parent homeschooling? 

Single parent homeschooling is when only one parent due to whatever reasons, decides to homeschool his/her child. It could be so that he/she is the only earner of the family or that the other partner does not participate in the homeschooling of the child.  

The questions that most people ask are: is single parent homeschooling possible? How can one manage it all? If one earns, how can they give time to the child? Isn’t it too much workload? Today, we’ll break it down for all the people who have these questions and all the single parents who want to opt for homeschooling their child. 

Breaking down homeschooling for single parents in 4 simple steps:  

  1. Being realistic  

Single-parent homeschooling mom, Jess, advocates being realistic about the entire homeschooling concept. The first question is to ask if you can actually homeschool your child alone? Surely, there will be outside support and online curriculums and local communities and there are both, hard and easy days, but are you willing to promise yourself and your child the experience? You can start with what you have, and you do not have to be a certified teacher to teach your child. The resources can be bought, shared, and made with time but it is the will and the realistic setting of goals which matter. There are plenty of single parents homeschooling their children and nailing it! 

  1. Choosing the strategy 

You should know that you are unique and so is your child, so your homeschooling experience doesn’t have to be similar to someone else’s. If a strict schedule suits you, go for it. If your child responds more in an easy laid-back schedule, go for that. We recommend that you get a Homeschool Panda account. It’s a great application for beginners and helps them follow a schedule, meet deadlines, plan lessons for the children, follow the budget, and even meet local homeschoolers near-by.  

  1. Creating the balance  

If you work and even if you don’t, you need to have a balance in your personal, work, and homeschool life. Be there for your child because homeschool is not only about academics and extracurricular activities, it is about giving the whole learning experience to your child at home, in your own unique way. 

  1. Having breaks  

Don’t be afraid to mess up. Experiment with what suits you and your children the best. Arrange educational and fun field trips and occasionally take breaks, change the schedules, and add fun to the methods of teaching. Take homeschooling one day at a time. Homeschooling is a remarkable experience, both for the parent and the child and it is only fair that you make stops to enjoy the journey!