Homeschool Planning and Record-keeping "From Behind"

Planning from behind can be a simple solution to stay on top of record-keeping without the hassle of pre planning.

Homeschool Planning and Record-keeping "From Behind"

Does mass planning make homeschooling less enjoyable and more stressful for you? Well, you are not alone, however, implmenting the planning from behind strategy has reduced a lot of stress for me.

What eactly is planning from behind and how will it help me stay on track with our homeschooling and record keeping?

Planning from behind is maintaing a log of what you and your student are doing throughout or at the end of the day. Whether you completed a lesson for a subject, or baked cookies and practiced measurement or read a can document it all as a proof of school work. Now, while the strategy is easy to implement, if you are not on top of it, it can also get a way on you. Here are some ways that I ensure the strategy works well for our family.

  • Beginning of the school year, I create a lesson plan with the core subjects I would like to cover with my children. This allows me to have a reminder of all the subjects I want to cover with my children without committing to having an elaborate and detailed plan ahead of time.
  • Every day I go into the assignment on the calendar from my phone or my laptop and enter in everything we did.
  • For recurring lesson assignments such as Math, I use the auto population feature or import lesson plan from market place.
  • If I feel ambitious, once in a while I preplan a week. I can always edit the lesson plan series and enter the data ahead of time.
  • The flexibility of having the planner available on my phone to use on the go, for a larger visibility to use on my laptop and having it printed out definitely helps me stay on top of it.

Make the planner work for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, so that it is more enjoyable and less stressful. Tell us in the comments your planning style.

Happy Planning,