Ending the Homeschool Year with HSP

Before you break for summer, let's wrap up the year!. Here are 5 tasks to do in HSP to make sure you're ready for next year.

Ending the Homeschool Year with HSP

Summer is almost here, your eyes are set on the lazy days ahead, and you're ready to wrap up another homeschool year.  But don't just close up the books & set them aside until the fall!  

In my earlier years of homeschooling, that's exactly what I did.  It looks differently now, especially with a high schooler who has paperwork to upkeep. But I've (slowly!) realized the benefit in spending a bit more time on end-of-the-year tasks.  

Homeschool Panda can help you tidy things up, so you end your year with everything done and ready to start next year.  (Well, tidying up your planning, at least.  You're on your own for tidying up your homeschool spaces!) 

What didn’t get done?

Check the rescheduler. Are there any assignments still on it? Do they really need to be done? Or can you mark them off & call the school year over?

My youngest finished his Beast Academy math early, so we started the next level even though I knew we wouldn’t finish the first book. Wherever we leave off, I will select the assignment and reschedule all future assignments until next year. I haven’t decided on a start date for next year, but it will be easy enough to drag-and-drop once I make that decision. Next, head over to your reading list/tracker. Are there any books left on your bookshelf for this year? Will you read them this summer, save them for next year, or decide to not assign them after all?

Preserve your memories!

If you’re a Plan 2 and Plan 3 subscriber, you can download your portfolio, with or without pictures, as a .pdf. Even if you don’t need to turn this into your state/district, you’ll still want to download it. By saving them every year, you’ll have a great memory book to share with your kiddos.

Grades, Grades, Grades

Check the grade book widget to ensure that you didn’t miss entering any scores. Download the grade card report (for plan 2 & 3 users) Update & download your students’ transcripts (for plan 3 users)

The Marketplace + Next Year’s Plans = A Time Saver?

As you make decisions about what you’ll use next year (or to help you decide), check the HSP Lesson Plan Marketplace. Maybe you’ll get lucky & find the plans you need all entered!

If you need some inspiration, you can search the marketplace for various topics or subjects.  The search may just lead you to the perfect curriculum for your kiddo. 

Lazy Summer Days of Reading

Untitled design (6).png

Now that you’ve tidied up this year, one last task. Hop into the Book Tracker and create a Summer Reading bookshelf. Now, start filling it out with ideas for your summer. Read-aloud books, audiobooks while you’re traveling to activities, books for your kiddos, maybe even a few ideas for you.