Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for Children

The best and effective gift guide for homeschool kids. Games and toys that will keep children busy and helping them develop skills.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for Children


Gifts are a great way to display our love and gratitude to our loved ones. Gifts should be thoughtful, purposeful and helpful to the receiver. Below is a curated gift guide by a kid and is perfect for kids from 4 years old to even teens.


Outfoxed Boardgame:: It relies on critical thinking, decision making, elimination, & teamwork. The goal is to find the culprit fox.

Alphabet Bingo: This twist on classic bingo helps kids learn and practice letter names and sounds. It helps develop letter recognition, plus vocabulary and language skills. 

Seek-A-Boo Flip-and-Find Word Cards: It helps build vocabulary, cognitive skills and patience. It also helps with focus on color and letter recognition, memory, and physical movement. 

Chess: Why am I even writing this? It helps build strategy, critical thinking skills, great activity to play with the family and is deadly fun.

Nintendo Switch: I don’t need to say how fun it is but it does help with critical thinking skills, strategy and eye-hand coordination.

Twister: It’s a fun classic game that never gets old. It helps with colors and following directions and rules. It’s a great game that you can play with multiple people. It helps with physical activity and teamwork. It’s great for all ages pretty much besides a little too much flexing. The board could be a little bigger and sturdier, but it is truly a fun and spirit full game.

Trouble: It’s a game almost anybody can play. It helps teach kids patience, counting, rule-following, and winning and losing. It is a game you can play over and over again.

Build and Tinker:

Imagination Patterns:  Teach your children colors, shapes and counting. Promotes pattern recognition and concentration. It also teaches problem-solving and independent playing.                                  

Kiwi Crate: Helps with creativity, sharing, critical thinking, teamwork and following directions. Variety of products applicable to babies to adults. Purchase Subscriptions or one-off items.

LEGO Bricks: Helps with creativity, sharing, and following directions. Anybody besides toddlers can play with them.

Magna-Tiles: You can play with it at any age and is a very fun game to play together. It helps you learn how to play independently and teaches building techniques.
Abby’s Garden Planting Activity Kit: Teach your children the art of planting & gardening with this 17-piece gardening set.

Stay tuned for our gift guide about books, game schooling items and more.